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If due to force majeure or other causes beyond the control of website marketing system collapse or can't be used normally, leading to online trading can not complete or loss related information, records, etc, the website will not assume responsibility. But we'll do reasonable may have helped to cope with the aftermath matters, and strive to make customers to reduce the possible economic losses.

We can according to the requirement of the buyer agent related transportation procedures, but our duty is limited to delivery on time, meet logistics (post) an accident to assist the buyer inquiries, do not assume any logistics (post) available to customers outside of the compensation, all inquires are the claim according to the logistics (post) regulations. In logistics (post) under the period before the query, the buyer shall not claim compensation. Remind the buyer must verify good receiving detailed address and the consignee telephone, in order to avoid delay delivery. And in our shopping, all as agree with this statement.

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